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How To Log Into A Room with Java on Windows


Updated August 2014

This article will guide new users through the conference room login steps. It may also be used as a refresher for more experienced users.

Applicable for Windows XP and newer versions.

JAVA 1.5 or newer is required.

Disclaimer: Using JAVA to log into a room is enabled by the room owner. If you see a link on the login page to download a plugin the JAVA login option has not been enabled - please refer to the How to Log Into a Room when using Windows tutorial

At one time choosing to use JAVA was our recommended approach. The instructions were simpler, the need for a Windows Administrator was not required, the latest version of the plugin was always used and security issues were less stringent. However major security vulnerabilities were discovered in JAVA a couple of years ago. Operating System and Browser developers took major actions to protect users from malicious damages. These actions included disabling JAVA and JAVA Plugins and, in some cases, completely automatically uninstalled JAVA.

Using JAVA is a viable alternative. However the user will need to ensure the correct version of JAVA is installed and the appropriate JAVA plugins are enabled. The instructions to do this will be more complex than those required if we were confident all the JAVA pieces were in place 99.9% of the time.If the JAVA login option is available for the room, a link to an optional login approach is provided for users having difficulty entering the room - likely due to JAVA setup issues. This optional approach requires a plugin be download and installed - refer to the How to Log Into a Room when using Windows tutorial.

Room Login:

Let's assume you've received an email inviting you to a webinar or online meeting. That email will probably include the login URL and, possibly, additional login instructions. A room owner may further integrate access into a room onto their web site or provide a custom logon approach, in which case the following instructions will differ from those provided by the room owner.

  1. Click on the link in the email ... or start your browser and copy/paste/type the login URL into the browser address bar - you are not limited to a specific browser technology.
  2. Click Click here to enter room (See "First Time Use Considerations" below).
  3. Complete login form:
    • Type Your Name and, if required, the Password - refer to the instructions you received.
  4. Click Log In.

Congratulations! You are in the virtual conference room. You can push and hold the Ctrl key, click the Microphone icon or press Alt+L to talk. Don't forget to release the Ctrl key or reverse the above actions when you are finished speaking. Also, make sure your microphone and speaker volumes are turned up.

  1. To exit the room, click the File Menu and click Exit or simply close the window.

First Time Use Considerations

The first time you use the technology, you will see a Do you want to run this application? dialog.
The option not to display the dialog can be selected - this is recommended.
Click Run
Return to step 3 above


The dialog is is not accessible for individuals using screen readers.
To continue:

    To hide the dialog in the future
    • Tab 3 times
    • Press Press Space Bar
  • Tab 2 times
  • Press Space Bar
  • Return to step 3 above.

Additional information for screen reader users is available here


System Validation

Click on Click here to perform the validation to view a validation report on your computer's suitability.

To install or update JAVA for Windows click Download JAVA for Windows

The comments in this tutorial are based what would be considered a standard system configuration. If you have modified your system properties, you may notice different responses to those described in this tutorial.


Review the Co-Browser Settings tutorial for information on co-Browser settings.

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