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Using Closed Captions


Using Closed Captions

Updated April 2012

This article is a guide describing appropriate use of the integrated Closed Caption features.

Viewing Closed Caption Messages

  1. Log into the room.
  2. Click the Options menu.
  3. Activate the Hide/Show Closed Captions Bar. When this option is selected, the closed captioned text will be displayed in a small window located below the co-browser window.

To Modify the Closed Captions Viewing Window

  1. Click the Options menu.
  2. Ensure Configure Closed Captions is selected. When this option is selected a dialog will open whereby you will be able to change the Background to black or white, the Text color to black or white, AND you will be able to change the text size.
  3. Change the parameters according to your wishes.
  4. Click OK.

Transcribing Closed Captions

  1. Log into a room as a moderator.
  2. Two options are available:
    • Click Administration menu.
    • Activate Closed Captions.


    • Click the Closed Caption icon located on the top/right side of the co-browser window.
  3. A closed caption transcription window will open.
  4. Type closed caption text, or use direct output from other sources (such as 'speech to type' software), into the transcription dialog window.

    Review Closed Caption Input Consideration (view) for additional thoughts and suggestions for transcription alternatives.

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