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How to Compose a Language Translation File


Warning: This article is meant solely for individuals who volunteer (or who are asked) to set up a Language Translation file for a language other than English (or any other language currently available in the Options drop-down menu of a tcConference room).

Typically, this activity would be coordinated with Talking Communities' staff. Translators will use a template file and modify the content of that template.

  1. Download the attached file -
  2. Unzip to obtain english.txt
  3. Use a text editor and open english.txt
  4. Only translate the "Anumber" fields. Example:
    • A0=Talk Key\tAlt+G to A0=your translated text\tAlt+G
    • A1=Lock Talk Key\tAlt+L to A1=your translated text\tAlt+L
  5. Save the file as language.txt where language is the language for which the translation was created.
  6. Open
  7. Click Submit a Ticket
  8. Type "Language Translation File" for language
  9. Attach the file you created
  10. Click Submit Ticket

To test or use prior to the language being available with the plugin installation:

  1. Open folder: My Computer - > C:\tcConference\newlang\
  2. Copy the file “French.txt” into the folder.
  3. The new language will appear on Options/Language

Note: Every guest requiring this language must, individually, follow the above procedure until a future plugin version includes this change.


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