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"Room Not Found" Error Message

Solution Updated May 2012

When you see the Room Not Found error message you should first verify that the correct room ID is being used. The room ID is specified in the room login URL as ?id=xxxxxxxxxx. Similarly, if you see a Wrong password error message, ensure that the correct password is being used. If you are a guest, you may have to contact the room owner/administrator for password information.

There is provision within the technology to automatically log into a specified room. To use this feature you will use the Options / Configuration / Sign In menu, then complete the form, and press OK. The next time you log into a room you will be taken directly into the room without being asked to provide name and password. However, should you incorrectly type the room ID or password, you will see the Room Not Found or the Wrong password error message. The mistake could be as simple as adding a blank character at the beginning or at the end of the room ID or password fields.

Correcting the information in the automatic room login form is fairly simple.

The values you specified are kept in the Windows Registry. Therefore, you must completely uninstall the plugin using the Control Panel/Add Remove Programs for XP or the Control Panel/Uninstall a program for VISTA and Windows 7. This procedure will totally remove the TC Web Conferencing application. When you remove the plugin this way, you will also be removing the automatic login values from the registry. You will then need to download and re-install the plugin. If the previous procedure does not correct the problem, save the attached file,, unzip that file and run ClearAuto.reg to remove the automatic login settings from the registry. You could do the second step first and ignore the first step.

Another approach is to go back to the Options / Configuration / Sign In menu and change the values. You will again get the error message, but then quickly click the Options menu and go to the Sign In form and correct the values.

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