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Working With Existing Audio Files

Solution There may be times when you wish to use existing audio material, such as MP3 files and CDs, with the tcConference technology. The material may include previously recorded messages or even musical interludes. Or, you may wish to use a sound track for room recordings.

The following two movie tutorials will demonstrate the use of existing audio files with the technology. These movies are a few years old and, while still valid, newer features such as the MP3 Player and Replay Center provide additional capabilities not described here. For example, the examples in these movies require a sound card which allows mixing speaker or earphone output back into the input circuits of the sound card. Not all sound cards offer this capability. Both the MP3 Player and the Replay Center do not require the mixer function in the sound card.

Part 1 will describe how to work with MP3 files. Part 2 will explain how you would work with any audio media.

Play Part 1
Play Part 2

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