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The Document Center Journey


Added: December 2-15, 2015

The Document Center has always been an important component of our Web Conferencing Technology. Using the Document Center, you can take PowerPoint, Word  and other documents and convert them to HTML format. These HTML documents can then be "pushed" to participants in webinars and online meetings. 

The journey, at times, has been a challenge.  The following movie outlines the journey.

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The original Document Center was a Windows only tool. That tool will be replaced with the "Web Document Center".


  • Always use the Web Document Center to upload files
  • Use the Replay Center for replaying recordings - not fully accessible - works with local files only
  • Use the Document Center for other the functions
  • Use the Web Configuration/Administration to set the browser size to 55%  or lower if you plan to use PowerPoint material - benefits: experienced guests can change the co-browser size for optimal viewing - new guests will see all the content
  • Browsers, including the conference room co-browser must support HTML5
  • The co-browser uses Internet Explorer settings for Windows and  Safari for MACs - therefore Internet Explorer version 11 must be installed for Windows and  the latest version of Safari for MACs


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