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Optimal Co-Browser Size to View Uploaded PPTs



Created October 2015

The Web Document Center was recently modified to use images rather than HTML to display the content of PPT pages. These images are automatically scaled to match the size of the co-browser. HTML is "hidden" to be used by screen readers. Previously HTML was used as the primary source. The HTML is generated by a utility provided with MS Office. The HTML is not compatible with non Microsoft browsers. To overcome this shortcoming images were included and used when viewing archives with non Microsoft browsers. The Web Document Center typically needed to be modified, sometimes extensively, when new MS Office versions or updates to existing MS Office became available - the issues were mostly with page formatting. It is anticipated we can mitigate Web Document Center changes by using images as the primary source. Since the HTML is only used by screen readers, page formatting issues are not a concern. 

The following movie illustrates how to modify the size of the co-browser to optimize viewing of PPT pages. Moderators and room guests will need to do this. Individuals using screen readers will not be impacted with the changes to the Web Document Center.  This is only applicable for PPT files updated after September 2015.

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