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Email Templates


This tutorial provides sample email templates for the body content of webinar invitation emails. 

The templates are based on the particular room configuration of the room beeing used. The idea is to download the template(s) you wish to use and copy and paste the template into the body of the email you are creating. Modify the template as necessary. Never include the moderator password in the email you will send to potentials guests. 

The templates are in Microsoft Office Format. You need to have Microsoft Office installed, or a program to read Microsoft Office Word documents - such as Open Office-  or the free Microsoft Word Viewer:

Click the following links to download the template: 

Basic Template: This template would be usued for rooms setup with the initial  default settings. 

No Password Template: A minor adjustment to the Basic template when the room has been configured to not display the password prompt when a password is not required. 

Business Form Template: A minor adjustment to the Basic template when the room has been configured to use the Business Form. 

JAVA Template: This template would be used if the room has been configure f  to automatcally download and install the Windows's plugin.

The above comments focus on the scenario where individuals are sent emails inviting them to attend Webinars. That email contains the URL to use to enter room  along with instructions and other details. If you have a web site we suggest you consider setting up a page with buttons invitee would use to enter tooms. That same page would include the instructions they need to follow. The invitation to attend a webinar would now direct them to the login page to provided them with anyting they nned to know  to participate in the webinar. The page could be set up to determine what operating system is being used and to only include information pertinent to that operation system. The content in the templants could be used to develop the the necessary information required n the page. 




The following URL is a utility to create more detailed instructions.  You will be asked to specify details about the room and other personal choices. The resulting output can be copied and pasted into the body of the email invitation. It will include instructions for Windows, iPhone/iPAD, MAC and Android. The instruction include the initial instructions on using the microphone.






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