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Using the iPhone/iPAD app with the Community Builder


Created March 2014

Entering a Virtual Conference Room from within a Community Builder community is different from entering a specific Virtual Conference Room. For the latter you need to provide the User Name and Password. With the Community Builder the User Name and Password is maintained by the Community Builder and therefore, once you have entered the community, you simply click the community room you wish to enter.

You do need to first install an iPhone/PAD app.

The free iPhone/iPAD app, tcConference, is available from the Apple App Store.

System Requirements

The app requires iOS 5 or newer; therefore, you'll need an iPhone 3GS (or newer) or any iPAD.

Install the tcConference app from the App Store.

Using The App

  1. Enter the community
  2. Click the community room you wish to enter
  3. A dialog will display You should completely ignore that dialog
  4. Touch Done
  5. TouchConnect
  6. You are now in the community room
    • Touch the Co-Browse tab to view the co-browser content
    • Touch the Chat/Voice tab to view or submit text chat messages, and to activate the Talk button.

How To Speak

  1. Touch the Text Chat tab to bring the Text Chat window into focus.
  2. Touch the Talk button - the button label will change to Stop. If someone is already speaking, the button will first change to Wait and then, when it is your turn to speak, change to Stop.
  3. Begin talking.
  4. When you have finished talking, Touch the Stop button - the button label will change back to Talk.

To stop the app press the Home button.

Manual Launch (not recommended)

You can launch the app by clicking on the app. This strongly not recommended.

App Updates

From time to time new versions of the app will be made available. These new versions will fix bugs, add new features or both.

To determine if a new version is available, go to the App Store and search for tcConference. If a new version is available, UPDATE will be displayed in top right corner. Click UPDATE and follow the prompts to install the new app.

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