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How to Log into a Web Conference Room from a Mac Computer


Updated April 2016

This tutorial lists the steps required to enter a web conference room from Macs computers.

Apple is encouraging developers to use the Apple Store to deliver applications to Mac users. This will provide a more secure delivery of applications over what is possible by downloading files from different web sites.

Before you can enter a web conference room you must first install a small application. This small application was previously referred to as a plugin.

Click here for system requirements.

Installing the application:

You need to be familiar with the App Store and you will need an Apple ID and Password.

  1. Open the App Store
  2. Search for the tcConference app
  3. Click on the tcConference icon or the Install button
  4. You will be prompted for your Apple ID and Password - enter that information and press OK
  5. You will see a message saying Installing
  6. When the installation is complete Installed will be displayed
  7. You can now enter the conference room

The App Store will notify you when a new version of the application is available


Entering a Conference Room:

  1. Load the login URL into your browser. This URL will be provided to you, likely in a email or you may use a link from another web page. Your host will provide the necessary instructions.
  2. Click Click here to enter the room.
  3. The plugin will launch and will appear in the Dock.
  4. If the login dialog in not in focus click tcConference in the Dock to bring the login dialog into focus.
  5. The dialog will prompt for the User Name and Password - ignore the serverid and room ids.
  6. Fill in your name and password - a password may not be required - your host will provide instructions.
  7. Click Log On.

Exit Conference Room.

  1. Bring the tcConference into focus.
  2. Click the tcConference menu.
  3. Click Exit


If you use Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) you MUST use the plugin download link for that Mac version - you cannot use the app from Apple Store.

It will take a couple of weeks for an updated app to be available. If you need the app earlier use the download link on the login page. 

If you see a "Page Not Found" or similar message when you try to enter a room it is because you forgot to install the application.

If during the course of a meeting you need to watch movies, read PDF document, play MP3 files etc the the plugin for these services must be installed into Safari. For example if the movie is a Flash movie the Adobe flask player (or equivalent) must be installed into Safari.

As individuals using Macs add malware and firewall protection software to their computers other issues may arise. This tutorial will be updated if and when these issues are observed.

Review the Co-Browser Settings tutorial for information on co-Browser settings.


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